Produce and Release : A Compendium of Respected Record Labels Scouting For Budding Talent

As you render your next masterpiece on your favourite DAW wondering what label will do justice to your hard work, it can be a daunting task finding a label that is supportive of your music and vision, sometimes more than the music writing process itself. We've complied a list of established labels that are open to demos from upcoming and veteran producers alike. A release on a quality label, for a producer/artist is much like an athlete going professional. Finding the right label for your sound is just as important as the creative process, it is after all where your sound will find a home.

Trade Talk with Tanseer Jabbar [The Inventory]

In this new series Trade Talk, we catch up with prominent people from the music industry for a casual round of questions about their job. Today we're in conversation with Tanseer Jabbar, donning various hats as a DJ playing at all the major venues across the country, as a promoter, putting together massive themed parties under the 'Sound Faction' banner, and as a producer releasing music through labels such as System Recordings, Neuroscience, Avangardia, today he is the head honcho of The Inventory.

10 Essential Applications For Audiophiles

Assuming most musicians and producers tend to buy a Mac for their professional use, I've complied a list of applications that can take away your stress arising from the maintenance of your computer. A studio computer usually needs this kind of maintenance from time to time, and a lot of audio aficionados and DJs will find some of these tools very useful to organise and edit their collections, while some other apps bring very powerful features that the OS might be missing. Without being biased towards windows users, there's a few that work on both the platforms in this list. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.