Press Kit

A press kit is a pre packaged set of promotional materials of a person, company, or organization to be distributed for promotional use via either an electronic or a physical medium. A press kit includes a biography of the artists, individuals or company, photos or images (high resolution), logos, contact information, social media links and any other advertising material used for promotion. Amongst the most common requirements for artists, Dj’s, musicians and producers in the industry is a well-written, comprehensive bio, presented in a simple and structured arrangement, explaining why you or your act stand out from the herd.
Think of your bio as the package to the product, to make a good impression, it is essential to seem professional from the word go. It does not matter if you have played one gig, five or not a single one yet, a comprehensive bio representing exactly what you stand for is a must. If you have played a few gigs previously, chances are that the promoter has asked you to forward a link to your Facebook and Soundcloud page prior to confirming your booking and this is precisely where your artwork, a good biography and your music will be scrutinized before deciding whether you’re the right person for the job.
The press kit entails a process by which each client is given a one on one with our writer. A conversation over email, skype, or any other medium most convenient is arranged after which an initial draft is prepared and shot back to the client. The client may then chose any specific, additions or subtractions in the material, after which it is shot across to our graphic designer to be placed in a customized design layout of choice.
The kit can then be shot back to be updated, as the artist’s profile evolves with time. A set of standardized questions will be presented to the client to help gather information for the same, you may communicate the tone you’d like your bio to read in. Our services aren’t limited to artists and include, company biographies, contract drafting, music and copyright consultancy, along with an array of content writing solutions.
The writer himself being an artist/producer, and a lawyer caters to an array of writing services not limited to artists alone, but includes company biographies, contract drafting, sponsorship proposals, music and copyright consultancy, and content writing solutions. Our services also include the graphic design of logos, banners, and flyers.
When is it an ideal time for me to get a press kit?
When you’re ready to showcase and go public with your work.
Who are these press kits suited for?
Artists, Singers, Song writers, bands, and companies.
Could you possibly use Photoshop to create a fake university degree so I may drop out of my university and take up music education?
It’s great that you have decided to give up on formal education, music in itself is the most noble education the only certificate you need is pressed on PVC wax.
What’s the timeline like on finishing a kit?
The timeline depends on when the client is a hundred percent happy with the work, whether it’s a week, or a month.
I require consultancy on a contract pertaining to copyrights and trademarks, could the same be arranged?
Yes, we offer legal consultancy and contract drafting concerning any dispute or agreement you’d need drafting.
When is it an ideal time for me to get a press kit?
When you require your Soundcloud, Facebook artist page or website to seem professional, and for when clubs and festivals are booking you and they require the same.
The writer’s experience?
Being a lawyer himself, he puts his excellent communication skills to work, heading our sales and communication department. Being an avid producer, DJ and music enthusiast for half a decade, he has an insiders view of what the industry requires balanced with what the artist wants represented.