If you’re working out of a bedroom studio without proper acoustic treatment, it’s often hard to make the right judgement for processing your sounds. Our mixdown and mastering services will ensure we shine brilliance upon every element you’ve crafted in your tracks to have it sound right on the best and biggest sound systems.

• Let us know what you're expecting from the mix. Are you mostly happy with your mix and just can’t get that last bit of polish out of it? Are you happy with the song, but the mix is just totally off and you want a fresh take on it? Tell us a little bit about what you’re expecting from someone else mixing your track, and it’s much easier for us to make sure we start off properly.

• Group things as stems when appropriate, especially if you’re layering sounds. I.E. If you have multiple tracks of vocal comps making up the main vocal, We don’t need all the separate vocal tracks, just send them all as a single stereo vocal file. If you’re layering a few different synths for your bassline or some other core part of the song, generally it works best if you export those all as one stereo file. If you have 5 tracks of similar sounding strings making up a subtle pad track in the background, export them as a single stem instead of separate files. Etc

• Please appropriately name each and every file something meaningful and descriptive. For instance, don’t call them Track1.wav, Track2.wav, etc. Instead, call the files something like Kick.wav, Cymbals.wav, Bassline.wav, LeadSynth.wav, etc.

• In terms of effects, generally we would say to leave most of them on when you render the files. The exception are effects like compression and EQ, we prefer you disable those type of effects before sending the files to us unless it is critical to the sound of that track, I.E. you are side-chaining something.

• It works better if we can enhance what you’ve already created, versus trying to RECREATE it from scratch. If you turn an effect or dynamics processor off and suddenly that track sounds a lot different, just leave it on. we can always ask for a version with it off if I need it.

• Export each individual track in the project for the entire length of the song. Even if the part is only a few seconds long, it makes it quicker for us to line everything up in our DAW if every single track is the exact same length.

• In most cases exporting each track as a 24bit/44.1kHz wav or AIFF is sufficient. If you prefer to work at higher sample rates, that is fine too. However, the best sounding option in most cases it to export the stems at the same sample-rate the project file is set to.

• Please let us know the EXACT tempo of the song.

• Once you have prepared all of your tracks per the above instructions, please send us the parts in a zip file using dropbox or e-mail.

• Once we have the mixdown close to what we think is done, we will do a quick mastering pass on it, and send you a Test Mix to listen to. This is 95% of what the final master you receive will sound like unless you want us to make any changes. Listen to the track a few times, hopefully in a few different places, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like changed in the mixdown.

Who can take these courses ?
Anybody! Yes, that’s right. The beginner courses are meant exactly for beginners or first timers who have no prior experience with DJ’ing or Music Production. The music production courses have an initiation class that will even teach you the basics of using a Mac if you are a Windows user.
Is a month enough to learn each course ?
Yes, our tried and tested methods ensure that you are fully competent by the end of the course, our course material, assignments and free videos that are provided to you help you stay in track. The music production courses are designed in a way to teach everything as you are making a track at the same time, that way you finish your course with a track you can call your own! You will get ample lab time to practice and after you finish, you will have our dedicated support over e-mail to send in your work for critique and improvement.
What about placements for DJs and releases for Producers ?
We are dedicated to ensuring our students do well after they finish their courses. We provide our students with ample opportunities to play and perform with our faculty at various venues. Students will also get help and support to sign and release their music on labels to Beatport.
How do I know which course is the right one for me ?
All our courses are designed in a way to compliment each other, our faculty will be glad to spend time with you and assist you in choosing the right one. You can call and make an appointment and visit us for a counseling session and a free introduction to the various courses.
I’m a student / have a day time job / I’m not from Bangalore.
We understand a lot of people learn this as a passion and might still want to keep their existing profession, which is why we offer weekend batches / crash courses and assist to find accommodation to out station students near by at very reasonable prices.
I already know the basics, but I need to take things to the next level.
This is the reason why our courses are modular and split up into different levels, this way we are keeping costs minimum for you and the learning experience at it’s peak. We understand a lot of people today might start learning from YouTube Tutorials, E- Books etc. We believe in passing on everything we know and help you implement it and get better, we don’t have any inhibitions about our students getting better than our faculty for that matter, because we are one close knit community of people doing this passionately for music.
Do I need to own any gear ?
No. We provide everything you need here to practice. We’ll also teach you during our courses how you can practice the same techniques on a laptop / computer back at your house until you are ready to start professionally, additionally we have some tie ups with vendors across the country to be able to offer you great discounts on essential gear you might want to buy.
Do we get any certificates ?
Yes.You will get a certificate of completion.
These courses must be quite expensive ?
Try us to find out how surprisingly affordable we are! You can call / e-mail us and register for a FREE introduction class to understand what you are signing up for.
I have some more questions that aren’t listed here.
Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us and drop in, we are the most friendly people, you will see that for yourself!


Improved learning experience with not more than 6 students per batch.


Taught in classes of 2 hours each, classes are held alternate days on weekdays or consecutively on weekends.

Installment Option

Pay for each course in two easy installments.

Work from our students - During and After their courses.